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Ana Lopez--Sobre la residencia y festivales de Val-David
Val David Residence      

Bonne Année!
Happy New Year!
Feliz Año Nuevo!
La Mulţi Ani!


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We wish you a peaceful, fulfilling, and creative new year. And we hope the new year finds more reasons for us to connect with you through events at the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency— Val David, Quebec, Canada.

If this is the month of resolutions, there are some you might want to check off right away: While there is an all year, open call, for regular participation in the Residence, the next and first, application deadline is February 15th for bursary residencies during the months of April and May.

Go to our application form at www.flaviacosma.com/Val_David.html to get started today. There is no cost to apply.

To learn about IWAR, Val David before applying— or just to become more familiar with the Residence — you may want to read our information kit at www.flaviacosma.com/Val_David.html.

Our International Writers’ and Artists’ Festivals will take place at the Residence in May and October. For more information and to participate please contact Flavia Cosma at

Staying in touch with you is important to us, and to that end, we'd like to remind you of a new way you can keep abreast of Residence Val David happenings: Facebook (Flavia Cosma).

Wishing you all the best as this New Year officially begins!
Flavia Cosma, Director IWAR, Val David, Quebec, Canada